Ponti Roccella Graziella

Ponti Roccella Graziella


Короткое содержание Roccella Graziella Ponti Культура. Искусство. Italian architect and designer Gio Ponti (1891-1979) was the creator of a multifaceted oeuvre. One of his great interests was the theme of the home, for which he continually sought to find new solutions. This book provides an introduction to Pontis creative process and gives an overview of the various phases of his career.Издание на английском языке. Starting off with ceramics and majolika works at the First International Exhibition of Decorative Arts in Monza, he moved on to furniture and interior design and built structures of all kinds, from small residential dwellings to high rise buildings, schools, and office blocks. The founder and nearly lifelong editor of domus magazine never stopped developing and reinventing his style. Pontis colorful, carefree, elegant spaces were designed to inspire optimism in their occupants.

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